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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I help in the designing process of the building?
Yes: At Odyssey Steel & Trim we want the end result to match your needs perfectly.


Can my building be made into a living space?
Yes: This is becoming a popular alternative to the standard house. We can plan it and build it to completion in a design that will fit your lifestyle.
What types of door options are available?
Odyssey Steel & Trim can outfit your building with slider, overhead, hydro or several options of service doors.


What types of poles are used?
At Odyssey Steel & Trim we typically use 3 ply 2×6, 3 ply 2×8, 4 ply 2×6 and 4 ply 2×8. Our poles are glued and nailed with steel plates over the joints. These are the strongest poles we can buy.


Do I need to have concrete?
No: We can construct a post frame building with no concrete needed. The concrete can be added at a later date if you choose.


Can I purchase just materials?
Yes: Odyssey Steel & Trim will sell you a complete material package or just a few pieces. We can sell you whatever you need.


Can I get custom-ordered doors and windows?
Yes: At Odyssey Steel & Trim we have many options available to customize your building to suit your needs.


Can I get custom trim bent?
Yes: At Odyssey Steel & Trim we make our trims in house. This gives us the ability to create custom trims of all types.
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