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Buildings & Metal Roofing



At Odyssey Steel & Trim, we specialize in post and stick frame buildings. We also do restoration!

Stick Frame Construction

Stick frame construction is the most common construction method used in the U.S. In stick frame construction, the majority of the structural pieces are small and so the building is composed of many of these small pieces placed fairly close together to achieve the overall strength. These pieces are typically wood. As the pieces get larger and the distance between increases, it is no longer called stick framing and becomes post frame construction. Stick frame construction is popular because it can be done relatively easily and quickly.



Post Frame Construction

Post frame construction consists of structural columns typically spaced between 8 to 10 feet apart and buried 5 feet deep. These types of buildings consistently outperform other structures, mostly in the area of durability. When compared to other wood-framed buildings post-frame construction provides greater structure stability. Post frame buildings are highly resilient under the pressure of external stresses such as wind and snow. Post frame construction is a cost effective option because it requires fewer materials, less expensive materials and less construction time than other methods.




Odyssey Steel & Trim is able to restore almost any type of building ranging from a residential home to an old dairy barn. This can include residing, reroofing, and installing new windows and doors.

Post Frame
Stick Frame
Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing


The popularity of metal roofing has been on the rise the past few years. Metal roofing is less labor intensive than installing shingles, longer lasting and more durable in the elements, is an attractive alternative, and keeps materials out of our landfills.


Exposed Fastener

When installing a metal roof with exposed fasteners, the metal is put down with the screws through the top of the metal. This style of metal roofing is faster, more cost effective due to labor and materials, and the more popular of the two.


The Odyssey Steel and Trim in house profle:


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Concealed Fastener

When installing a metal roof with concealed fasteners the residential roof product is applied in a manner where the fasteners are concealed under the metal. This creates a streamlined look without the fasteners showing.


Round Roof Metal

When installing round roof metal, rib panels are bent to the contour of the roof using exposed fasteners. This is a fast, attractive, and near permanent solution to a rotting roof.


OSI Trim Sheets Booklet 2024

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